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Live and Online Mysore and Led classes


Sunday to Friday:

At Sri Bhakta Anjaneya Temple

9265, Activity Rd, Suite #110, San Diego, CA 92126


Every session begins with the Aditya Hrdayam - a very special work in the Ashtanga tradition and considered to be extremely powerful in removing obstacles and overcoming all difficulties in life. We also chant a work in praise of Narasimha called Narasimha-Navaratna-Mālikā, ślokas on Hanuman, Śāntiḥ mantras and Ślokas on Patañjali.


As of February 2024 we are working through Chapter 3 of the Yoga Sutras, both chanting and understanding the meanings in the context of the entire work and how they can be understood to relate to us in our lives.

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